Customized PLC Controller Flat Bar Rolling Machine W11S45X3000 ISO Passed

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu
Brand Name: W&L
Certification: ISO
Model Number: W11S45X3000
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 30-50days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Detail Information
Working Length: 3000mm Working Material: Q235, Q345
Pressure: 540Ton Max Plate Thickness: 40mm
Driving Motor: 55kw Roller Material: 42CrMo
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flat bar rolling machine


hydraulic plate rolling machine

Product Description


Technical characteristics of the device

1.1 Drum-shaped upper rollers, lower rollers and lower supporting rollers are adjusted for high-precision product straightness.

It adopts drum-shaped upper roller, and the preset amount of drum-shaped upper roller is generally preset to be 70% of the uniform load of the roller; for the lower roller of smaller diameter, the lower part of the lower roller is supported by adjustable rollers. According to the load of the rolled product, the lower roller of the lower roller is adjusted, which greatly improves the straightness of the product.

A, the situation of rolled thick plate

Roll thick plates and adjust the supporting rollers under the lower roller upwards;

Product shape:

"Pocket mouth" t value is very small, the product straightness is high.

B, the situation of rolled sheet

Roll the thin plate, and the lower roller of the lower roller is adjusted downward;

Product shape

It is impossible to have a "waist shape" and the product has a high straightness.

1.2 Rear bending and rolling, high precision product roundness

The upper roll universal rolling machine adopts rear bending (the feeding direction of the plate is opposite to the moving direction of the upper roll). The upper roll is pressed down and the lower roll is rotated while continuously bending. , To avoid the generation of the front bending back angle, and can control the length and shape of the remaining straight sides.

Generally, the three-roller asymmetric type adopts forward bending, and the two ends of the sheet are pre-bent, and then symmetrically rolled into shape. It requires skilled operators, the rear corner of the product appears, and the shape of the remaining straight sides is difficult to control.

A. Upper roll universal plate rolling machine

While the upper roller is pressed down, the lower roller is rotated

The end of the plate is pre-bent with direct pressure

B. Three-roller asymmetric type (upper roller level adjustment type, lower roller level adjustment type, arc downward adjustment type, four-roller plate rolling machine, etc.)

The end of the sheet is pre-bent and then rolled symmetrically.

The lower roller is forward and reverse, pre-bent first, and then rolled

C, product shape

The product does not have a back corner, the ends of the remaining straight edges are controlled on a standard circle, and the roundness of the product is high.

The product has a back corner, and it is difficult to control the end of the remaining straight edge on a standard circle, and the roundness of the product is not high.

1.3 Reduce the amount of product misalignment

The upper roll universal plate rolling machine adopts the feeding device, the synchronous electro-hydraulic combination of the upper roll, and the feedback system to automatically level.

Displacement sensor detection, stroke preamplifier signal amplification of the upper cylinder, computer comparison, high and low levels to the programmable controller, control of the electromagnetic reversing valve solenoids at both ends of the upper roller, constant feedback comparison, synchronization accuracy controlled within ± Within 0.15mm.

1.4 Universal roller cone device for upper roller

Adopt rolling roller, the inner arc surface of the sheet is in contact with the roller, the upper roller is inclined, and the axial force of the cone is transmitted to the chassis through the roller; at the same time, the axial sliding of the plate and the work roller is avoided.

The capacity of the cone is calculated according to 30% of the capacity of the rolled cylinder. The taper of the rolled workpiece is ≤60 °.

Nine, roll plate process

2.1 Rolled cylinder

The first step: feeding the board and matching materials;

Step 2: The upper roller moves horizontally to the -X position and descends to the Y1 position;

The lower roll is reversed to bring the steel plate to the forming position.

The third step: the lower roller rotates forward while the upper roller presses down;

The fourth step: the upper roller is pressed down to the Y2 position to stop, and the lower roller continuously rotates forward;

Step 5: Stop at the end of the board, stop by pressing Y3 under the upper roller, and directly press and pre-bend the end of the board;

Step 6: Lift the upper roller Y2-α, move horizontally + X position, press the same position Y2, the lower roller rotates forward;

Step 7: Stop at the end of the board, stop at position Y3 when the upper roller is pressed, and directly press and pre-bend the end of the board;

Step 8: Move the upper roller to X = 0, press down to the Y4 position, the lower roller is forward and reverse, and compensate for bending.

Ten, lifting and storage of the machine

1.Precautions for machine lifting

1.1 Unbalanced lifting is strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the machine.

1.2 It is forbidden to collide with the machined parts of the machine during lifting.

1.3 During the transportation of the machine, the machine must be fastened to avoid damage, and measures must be taken to prevent rain and rust.

2.Precautions for machine maintenance

When the machine is not in use for a long time, it is necessary to lower the upper roller to contact the lower roller, turn off the power, clean the machine, and take measures to prevent moisture, rust and dust.


1. Clean the coiler components, especially where they are connected;
2. When the rolling machine is assembled, it must follow the principle of inside-out, first-down and then-up;
3. Priority in the assembly process to use the same tooling for assembly or assembly work in the same orientation;
4. The assembly process must be carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings. Dimensions, specifications and other aspects must be strictly controlled.


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