Participate Metal n Steel / FABEX Saudi Arabia 2018

May 7, 2018

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In this May, we participate the exhibition in Saudi Arabia for metal and steel fabrication.


Our company has been established since 2005,and steady development by introduction and training of talents. standardization of the management and construction of enterprise culture.Now our company possesses the asset of ten million more and covers anarea of 8,000 square meters.Our main products include Automatic Welding Equipment,Surfacing Welding Equipment,CNC Cutting and Beveling Equipment,Arc welding Robots,Piet/Wind Tower Product line and so on.


Welding roller, pipe welding roller, pipe turning rolls, welding rollers, welding roller, welding rollers, pipe turning rolls, tube turning rolls, fit up rotator, self-aligned welding roller, self-aligning welding roller, self adjustable welding roller, self aligned roller stand, wheel frame, roller frame for wind tower welding, automatic adjustable welding pipe rotator, conventional welding roller, bolt adjustable welding roller, sand blasting rotator, painting rotator, 1+1 hydraulic fit up rotator, two in one fit up station.