3 Jaw 4 Jaw Type Self Centering Positioner Chuck Welding Long Life

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: W&L
Model Number: WP-1000
Minimum Order Quantity: 2sets
Price: USD72-435/SET
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 5-10Days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100SETS/Month
Detail Information
Material: Caston Iron Type: Self Centering
Jaw: Three Jaws Clamp Range: 200-1500mm
Clamp Force: 1500kg Name: Welding Positioner Chuck
High Light:

self centering chuck


4 jaw self centering chuck

Product Description


From the use of power can be divided into: manual chuck, pneumatic chuck, hydraulic chuck, electric chuck moving chuck and mechanical chuck. From the structure, it can be divided into: hollow chuck and solid chuck. The number of chuck claws can be divided into: two-jaw chuck, three-jaw chuck, four-jaw chuck, six-jaw chuck and special chuck.


The three-jaw chuck is also called a three-jaw self-centering chuck. It determines the rotation center of the workpiece according to the circumference of the workpiece clamping part, but its centering accuracy is not very high. Generally according to the application, in the case of precision turning, grinding, and the use of universal indexing heads to mill parts with higher accuracy, the three-jaw chuck with higher clamping accuracy is selected, and the grinding required for rough turning and invisible position accuracy , Milling and other processing, using a three-jaw chuck with lower clamping accuracy.


Model 型号 D1 D2 D3 D4 H H1 H2 L Z-d1 Z-d
WP200 80 100 120 200 67.5 39 21 200 6-M6 3-M8X35
WP300 100 120 150 300 67.5 39 21 240 6-M6 3-M8X35
WP400 170 220 250 400 95 45 25 300 6-M6 3-M8X40
WP500 240 280 320 500 110 60 25 350 6-M6 3-M12X55
WP600 365 400 425 600 170 105 40 425 6-M12 6-M12X110
WP750 515 542.5 570 750 170 105 40 500 6-M12 6-M12X110






Clamp Capacity


Loading capacity


External Range


Internal Range B

WP200 200kg 30kg ɸ 110-210mm ɸ 20-130mm
WP300 250kg 120kg ɸ 170-300mm ɸ 20-190mm
WP400 350kg 240kg ɸ 250-400mm ɸ 120-250mm
WP500 800kg 600kg ɸ 360-500mm ɸ 200-340mm
WP600 1200kg 1000kg ɸ 400-620mm ɸ 150-410mm
WP750 1400kg 1000kg ɸ 550-800mm ɸ 380-580mm




The chuck will be need replace, so we need to disassemble it. First, find a few (inner hexagon) screws from the back of the positioner chuck, remove it, and then use a wooden or copper rod from the front to the back. Hammering the disk inside the three claws will take out the disk. Inside is a small disc for positioning and dust protection. Remove it. After removal, find a few flat-head screwdriver screws at the corresponding positions behind the three claws of the chuck and remove it. This way, you can take out the bevel gear with the three claws, and then carefully remove the disk with the flat rectangular thread. Take it out and remove the three claws from the front, so that the three claws are removed. Generally, the interior is polished or cleaned after disassembly, and the flat rectangular threads are cleaned. The teeth on the back are often stained and cleaned. Try not to hurt it with a file or other hard, gently put it in after cleaning, hammer it with a wooden stick, then install the bevel gear shaft (this also needs to clean the dirt between the teeth), and screw in the screws that fix it. When installing the small discs and large discs on the back, carefully check whether their contact surfaces are bumped. Be sure to check them carefully. This is important to the accuracy of the entire chuck. Use a file to carefully remove unevenness. Finish the place, tighten the screws, and you're done.


3 Jaw 4 Jaw Type Self Centering Positioner Chuck Welding Long Life 0





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